Pharmacy Services

At Hudson Valley Cancer Center we offer a unique service to our patients with our very own Pharmacy, located on Barnegat Road in Poughkeepsie.
You can receive your care, your oral medications along with your IV treatments and counseling–all in one visit.  
Payment Investigation
We can confirm your prescription benefits coverage and go the extra mile for you by investigating co-payment assistance options, so that you can receive your medications quickly and cost-effectively.
Comprehensive Treatment Support
You can receive on-site counseling for oral medications and IV Chemotherapy treatments, side-effect management and patient education resources to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.
Peace of Mind
By receiving your medications on site, you have access to healthcare professionals you already know and trust.  We are here for you!
We accept most insurances!  For more information, call our Pharmacy directly at 845-454-1942, extension 1191.