Dr Gino Bottino, MD

Has been in practice at Northern Westchester Hospital for over 31 years after having left the National Cancer Institute as a researcher.

Dr Bottino is an active and caring member of his community. He frequently gives talks to community associations and at events. As a board member of the American Cancer Society he attends events and has been interviewed on TV.

He has provided a leadership role at Northern Westchester Hospital Center by being the chairman of both the Cancer Program, and Hematology, and Blood Banking Services. He started the Oncology program at Northern Westchester hospital 15 years ago when he moved his practice into the hospital itself.

He is the chairman of the Ethics Committee for the Westchester County Medical Society of which he is on the board of Directors; and he is active in many other national and local Medical organizations. As a member of the NY State medical Society, he is on the NY State Cancer committee and the NY State Ethic committee.

Dr. Bottino has been teaching at NY Medical College for 25 years, and before that at NYU. Last year Dr Bottino received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in teaching at NY Medical College

Well known for his high level of caring for his patients; in 2012 he received the Bishop’s Award for Compassionate Care.

He is a member of the National Medical Honor Society Alfa Omega Alfa and graduated top in his class in medical school being given the NY State Surgical Society award for graduating first in the state for surgery.

Dr Bottino has published many medical papers and continues to do research in both Hematology and Oncology carrying on in research since his days at the National Cancer Institute.

He is also an avid sailor since the age of 10 and has won many inshore and offshore races. Having a series of boats named Raven, which are well known threw out the USA, he continues to sail as a registered US sailing Athlete.